Carla Y. Nix

Walking In My Purpose


Okay, it’s the day after Thanksgiving.  How’d you make out with your eating and managing your blood sugar?

Although I’ve eaten more than I probably should have, I have come a long way.  I did not eat as much as I once did for past holidays.  I’ve learned that I can splurge periodically, but not to over do it.

A key for me is to just take a taste of the food.  Small portions, as opposed to large heapings of everything.  I’ve even tasted the desserts.

I was mindful and careful to make sure that I drank a lot of water, and last night before going to bed, I exercised.  Do you know that I woke up this morning with a blood sugar reading of 83.  Yes, 83.  What a good reading for me!  I was so excited.  My normal morning readings range from 100 – 130.  The exercising, I believe, was the key.  I exercised this evening as well.  It actually felt good to do so.

Carla Y. Nix


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