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Posted by hashiki on February 10, 2009

I am honored and delighted that author Wanda B. Campbell is making a stop right here as part of her blog tour.  Wanda will be featured here on my blog for this entire week.  She will also be a guest on my radio show, Passion4Life on Tuesday, February 17, 2009. 

You will learn more about Wanda and her work as the week goes on, but here is a little information about her:


Wandwandabcampbellth81a B. Campbell is an extraordinary and talented writer who brings creativity, a new sense of hope, and restoration through the healing power of God to the Kingdom, by way of Christian Fiction.

Wanda believes there is nothing too hard for God and through His love and power, He can heal you in EVERY area you hurt. She believes with God’s help our darkest time can become our brightest moments. Her primary mission is to encourage everyone to experience the unfailing love of Christ. Wanda is not limited by race, age, sex, denomination or organization; believing the liberation that comes from Christ is free to all.

Wanda currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband of nineteen years and two sons. Her hobbies include writing and reading of course, traveling, and collecting magnets from around the world. Wanda is the self-proclaimed biggest Oakland A’s fan.

Contact Wanda at

THIS WEEK:  Celebrate Wanda’s birthday & Valentine’s Day

This week’s winner will receive A Box of Sees Candies and a coupon for a FREE print design (choose a bookmark, postcard or business card) courtesy of Tywebbin Creations. Winner are responsible for printing.

Check Wanda B. Campbell’s blog for the winners.



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  2. Ty said

    Thanks for participating in the tour Carla!
    Have a Blessed Week!

  3. Carla,

    Thank you for hosting me.

  4. Bernard Boulton said

    Wanda after I completed reading your post I was stunned into silence. Your words were so in agreement with what I taught tonight at the church. From Joshua 9 the Gibeonites came to Joshua to make a covenant with him and Isreal and because the Gibeonites presented an ILLUSION to Joshua he beleived them and entered into covenant with them, only discovering afterward that he had made a deal with his enemy. And the one thing that could saved Joshua and Isreal was if they just gone to God and asked HIM before they made a decision. When we make decision based on ILLUSIONS we will always be duped. I pray that your friend is delivered from what appears to be real but really is just a shadow of what appears to be real.

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