Carla Y. Nix

Walking In My Purpose

A Mother Cries

Posted by hashiki on January 20, 2009




By Carla Y. Nix


A shot echoes through the city
Lodging in the heart of a child
Destroying dreams of innocence
Shattering hopes of a bright future
A future filled with laughter,
A shot rings fiercely,
Striking an unmarked target
Ending tomorrow’s generations
Snatching endless smiles,
Warm, gentle hugs.
A shot explodes
Crushing a silly notion
That a child should be a child!
Teaching them to survive in a jungle
That was once home.
Stealing games of Tag,
Hopscotch and Double Dutch.
A shot ignites
And we all shudder
Another baby dies
Another mother cries.

© May 1994

Written after an innocent child was shot dead by a stray bullet in New Orleans as he, his mother, and other family members walked home from a park following a Mother’s Day outing. A bullet from some violent youth avenging another death. One more death in a city plagued by crime. One more mother left to cry. 

This was also right after the loss of my own child.  I lost a baby and writing this was most difficult, but I had to do it for all of the mothers who lost a child.  It doesn’t matter how that child was lost, the tears and pain of a mother cannot be compared to anything else.  I understood that as yet another mother had to cry!

Producers of the Montel Williams Show somehow got wind of my poem and wanted to use it (and possibly me) on one of their shows (they called me).  Well, it never panned out but it was nice to be noticed and thought of.





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