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Don’t let anger control you

Posted by hashiki on January 12, 2009

I allowed myself to get so upset with someone last night that I ended up with chest pains and my blood pressure soared so high that I was seeing stars.  I was already having a day where I felt overwhelmed because I was doing so many things, and here I allowed some fool to just push me over the edge. 

I had a pretty heated conversation with a bill collector.  On a Sunday.  Late in the evening. 

Now, I am not/was not angry that this most obnoxious man was doing his job.  It was just the WAY he decided to conduct business that outraged me.  But, I fault myself because he could not have gotten under my skin if I didn’t allow him to.  My problem is that I allowed him to speak his bit, give his spill, say what he thought he needed to say.  That was the problem.  After I told him where I stand and what was what, once he began his badgering, insults, and ignorant banter, I should have hung up!  But no, just because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I just had to let him know how I felt and that I wasn’t going to tolerate what he was saying.  I was well within my rights, but I allowed my temper to boil and I told him off!  Telling him off wore me out!  🙂  That’s just how angry I’d become.

I can say that I know better – and I do.  I can say that I looked like a fool – and I did.  I can say that I know that no one can make you angry unless you let them – and I do.  I can say that I am better than that – and I am.  I can say that this was not desirable or becoming behavior for a Christian – and it’s not.

But push the wrong buttons on the best among us and you can pull the worse out of them!

I let that man push the wrong buttons.

It’s not worth it.  I really could’ve ended up back in the hospital because I let him push those buttons. 



One Response to “Don’t let anger control you”

  1. Karen Swim said

    Carla, I applaud your honesty. We all have those moments but coming clean about them helps us to do better the next time and can also bless others. I am glad that you did not end up back in the hospital. I pity the poor person on the other end of that phone. He must have been really bad to set you off. 🙂

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