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Modus Operandi

Posted by hashiki on December 31, 2008

“And he sendeth forth two of his disciples, and saith unto them, Go ye into the city, and there shall meet you a man bearing a pitcher of water: follow him.” ~Mark 14:13

Intricate.  Precise.  Exact.  Intentional.  Those are only a few words that I can think of to describe God’s modus operandi, or His mode of operation — His “M.O.”.  God’s way of doing things are never coincidental.  In fact, I do not believe in coincidences.  Every thing happens for a reason, and with God, this is most true.

I am praising and thanking God right now for the little things that seemed so insignificant to me.  The things that He’s allowed me to do that I thought nothing of.  For He has placed me in scenarios and situations whereas I’ve had to use skills that I didn’t even know I had, and I wondered why He put me in these situations.  A little of this, a little of that, all to hone and polish something He put in me. 

I see today how He has begun to weave all of these little things together in order for me to us for a greater purpose.  Wow!  Isn’t that so like God?

Review Mark 14:13 above.  Jesus gives instructions to two of the disciples to locate the upper room where they are to prepare for the passover meal.  The Last Supper.  Jesus tells them exactly what they will see and how they will know they are in the right place.  What He says doesn’t seem all that remarkable or odd.  But it is.  Actually, He said something highly significant.  That is that they would find a man carrying water in a pitcher.  Or a jug.  Again, seemingly insignificant.  But if you understand the customs or culture of that time, you would find it odd.  Men either did not carry water, or if they did, they did not bear it in pitchers.  Women did.  Men would tote water in skins.

So, naturally, this man carrying a pitcher of water — a seemingly small detail — was yet a very precise and intentional act of God! 

The scripture doesn’t tell us, but I do wonder why this man toted his water in a pitcher?  I am sure that it was a so-called coincidence, and even he probably wondered why he did it.  Perhaps a skin wasn’t available.  Perhaps a woman wasn’t available to bring the water.  Perhaps initially there was not a need for water.  There are numerous possibilities and dynamics to this, but the bottomline is that it was necessary for this man to be carrying water in a pitcher at that exact moment as a sign to the disciples.

Why was it important for this to happen?  This was yet another action of God to show that Jesus Christ knows all.  He was/is not just a “good man”.   He is divine, He is Lord, He is the Savior.  Yet another opportunity for the disciples to receive and accept Him.  Even then, they did not fully know who He was.

God’s M.O. has not changed.  He is still performing miracles and doing the impossible today.  He still uses the ordinary to do extraordinary things.  He still shows us signs of His power and greatness.  He still takes little and turns it into much.  He still builds and weaves the most intricate details of our lives into something significant.

Don’t take for granted the small things that occur in your life.  You don’t have to think that God is not active or present in your life because you may not see anything spectactular (according to you).  Some of those little incidences are catalysts for great things. 

Trust God in all ways.  Don’t dismiss what you may not understand.  Trust Him!


Carla Y. Nix


One Response to “Modus Operandi”

  1. Mrs. Henrich said

    Another “I never noticed that!” detail from the Bible. How precisely obvious would a man with a water pitcher be to the disciples, though! If they had been told to find a woman…well, WHICH woman? They all draw water and carry it in such a fashion. If it were the wrong time of day, as the woman at the well, it wouldn’t be the time of day to be preparing for their dinner, I guess.

    Very much enjoying your blog.

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