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Everyone who is WITH you isn’t FOR you!

Posted by hashiki on December 27, 2008

If you read any one of the three Synoptic Gospel writing accounts (Matthew, Mark, and Luke), you will find that there was always a large following of Jesus Christ.  In most cases, they were referred to as the “multitude”.  There were large crowds of people.  Most followed Jesus for good reason.  They wanted to learn more of Him, they wanted to be blessed, healed, delivered, forgiven.  They wanted everything that we today want from Jesus.

Yet, everyone in the crowd was not there for pure and innocent reasons.  The multitude was filtered with diversity, nay sayers, enemies, and those who wanted to destroy Him.

Why should life be any different for us?

From the time of Jesus’ birth, His life was in danger.  Remember the three wise men?  Well, they weren’t His enemies, but satan tried to use them to bring harm to Him (Matthew 2:7-20).  Actually, it was King Herod who wanted to kill Jesus.  Needless to say, adversity and danger followed Jesus from the beginning.

This adversity and danger threatened to stop the mission that Jesus was born to fulfill.  You and I are going to be faced with opposition and even people in our lives who do not mean us any good.   Sometimes we relish the idea that we know a lot of people.  We become thrilled that so many people like us.  We think that we are important because we have a large following.  I’m here to warn you.  Don’t get too happy about that.

Again, as our example, is Jesus.  Within the crowds were always the agonizers.  The Pharisees and Saducees were always there listening, watching, stalking, questioning — just trying to trap Jesus.  Always trying to catch Him doing or saying something that they considered wrong or blasphemous. 

Jesus never argued.  He always kept His cool.  He knew what He was about and the work that He had to do.  As He said even to His mother, He was about His Father’s business.

Let me share something that made me write this today.  I’ve known for awhile that here online, people were following me, searching me, and looking for information about me.  I knew it because I receive the alerts and notices whenever something about me is being searched.  Well, I don’t worry much about it, as I know that’s how it is when you put yourself out there.  But I was in conversation with someone on a personal business matter.  I was eventually told that they have gathered information on me (no surprise to me), and they went on to tell me what they’ve gathered.  They said that they know of my website, etc.  Okay, all of that is public, so that again was no surprise to me.  Then the person told me that they have me listed as an “evangelist”.  Now THAT shocked me because I have NEVER listed anywhere that I am an evengelist.  In fact, I don’t hold any title to my name.  I have not attached “evangelist” to my work.  I personally do not like titles and don’t feel the need to carry one.  I know who I am and the work that I am called to do.  I just do it.  I am simply Carla Y. Nix.

When the person told me that, for a moment, I felt like Jesus.  By that, I mean, I wanted to say to them, as Jesus said to His accusers, “That’s what YOU say”. 

My point is that people will follow you with hidden agendas, mean you no good, and then try to decide who and what you are.  I don’t have time to play games.  I would never hang around a person whom I couldn’t be FOR.  I would never follow you if I didn’t believe in you.  I would not act as a friend only to gain something from you.  This is what people do all of the time.  So don’t allow the crowd, or the multitude, or the connections, or the followers, or your friends list, or even the subscribers, to fool you.  Appreciate the support and encouragement that you may receive, but realize what you are doing and why you’re doing it.  Stay true to your mission and your calling.  Don’t allow distractors to deter you.

Stay true to yourself.  Stay true to your mission.  And most of all, stay true to God. 


Carla Y. Nix


One Response to “Everyone who is WITH you isn’t FOR you!”

  1. THIS WAS FOR ME ON TODAY!!!! I have been blessed by this. Confirms that I need to make some changes in my circle again.

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