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When Christmas Isn’t Merry

Posted by hashiki on December 25, 2008

As I take some time to write this on Christmas Eve, I realize that many people will go to bed tonight with lonely and hurt hearts.  It is after 11:00 pm and the sounds of my family are still echoing throughout the house.  I spent the evening cooking and baking, and my daughter Tiffanie helped me (somewhat).  Anaiah tried to get us all to play some games with her.  Jerry enjoyed watching television, laughing at funny movies, for he has a rare night off.  Then, they all got a taste of tomorrow’s dinner tonight!  They also dug into to the cakes that were baked.  I fussed at them, with love.

I then sat down and called my big brother Michael to check on him and his family.  They’re having some struggles right now, but they will be okay.  Yesterday I talked to my baby brother Ira.  He is doing well.  My son called the other night. I didn’t get to talk to him because I was asleep — wasn’t feeling well with a nasty cold — but he talked to his sisters.  I am sure I’ll talk to him in the morning.

This is probably the “worse” Christmas for us from a financial standpoint.  This is truly a lean Christmas for us, yet it is still a very joyful time.  And that is what this blog is about.  We may not have a lot of things, but we are happy.  We were not able to purchase much of anything as far as gifts, but we are happy.  For me, just having my family is all that I need.

Yet I realize, again, that someone else is going to bed tonight very sad.  Many are dealing with broken hearts.  Loneliness.  I know personally of two families who just buried loved ones this week!  I personally know of dear friends who lost loved ones earlier this year and this will be their first Christmas without them.  And then there are still some whose losses were not as recent, but the void felt from the loss of their loved one is still there.

I know that there is someone who is at home alone.  Unlike me, they may not have a family member or friend to call, just to check on them.  And then of course there are the thousands of military families who have loved ones serving right now in Iraq, or other war zones, or any other place away from home. 

Christmas should be a time of rejoicing, joy, and hope.  Yet, it is for many a time of depression and hopelessness.

My thoughts are with you and I lift you in prayer asking God to renew your hope, give you strength, and overshadow you with joy.  See, it is not about gifts.  If it were, then many people would be happy.  Some receive an abundance of gifts. Many are able to give bountiful gifts.  Yet, they are sad and depressed inside.

I beg of you to look up.  Lift up your head.  Reach out to God and allow Him to fill you with His love.  Allow Him to fill that void that was left by someone you hold dear.  I personally know that it is not easy and it hurts.  When my own mother died, it was just a few months before Christmas.  That first Thanksgiving and Christmas without her was so very hard. It felt as though I would not get through it, but you know what?  I did.  And you will too.  Cry if you must, but wipe those tears soon and continue living your life.  You must!

If you’re unhappy for other reasons, you too can still lift your head.  I am also praying for you.

Feel free to write me if you need someone to talk to.  If you desire prayer, just ask.  If you just need to vent, please do so.  If you need a virtual hug, you got it! 

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Merry Christmas!


Carla Y. Nix


2 Responses to “When Christmas Isn’t Merry”

  1. Beautiful Blog Carla…thank you for the reminder to look above. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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