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Posted by hashiki on December 23, 2008

Will Smith in Seven Pounds

Will Smith in Seven Pounds

I had the pleasure of watching the new Will Smith movie, Seven Pounds, this past weekend.  To read a full synopsis & more on the movie, click here.  It is my desire to share my insight and not to reveal the movie’s content.  Mostly because for me, personally, to read so much about a movie before seeing it for myself spoils it.  So keep that in mind before you go to the site I’ve given you in the above link.

I usually do not read or watch reviews before watching a movie.  I like to go in with a fresh mind.  From the trailers, interviews, and previews I’ve seen on Seven Pounds, I knew that I wanted to see it.  I love Will Smith and I see him as a fantastic actor.  It’s been a pleasure watching him grow up from the days of the Fresh Prince from Bel Aire, and his rapping days.  My kids still watch those reruns.  I do too if I’m in the room.

Over the years, he has really grown into a full-fledged actor, producer, etc.  However, I am not always drawn to every one of his movies.  Not because of him, but because I am not big on action movies.  However, I have watched them after they come on television or DVD with my husband and children (they love them!). 

Seven Pounds was a very good movie.  A great movie that makes you feel very good, yet sad at the same time.  Will Smith as Ben (or Tim) Thomas grabbed your attention from the beginning.  It was a different look for him.  This wasn’t a comedy, so there wasn’t much, if any, smiling or laughing for him.  In fact, throughout the entire movie he had this expression as though he was in pain and wanted to cry.  Yes, from the beginning to the end, he had that expression.  Therefore, it caused you to wonder, “What’s wrong?” or “What is he thinking?”.

For me, it was not good that I watched a critics review before I saw the  movie.  The critic enjoyed the  movie. Gave it very high ratings.  But, some of what she said had me watching the movie looking for certain things and I think that made me miss much.  Meaning, what I saw wasn’t pure observations.  I hate that!  So, I won’t tell you much of what that critic said here.

The plot unfolds and the  movie moves at a good speed.  Certain things are thrown in and you’re able to come to some conclusions, or at least speculation.  In a way, it’s predictable, but I’m not sure if that’s because I watched the critic’s review first.  However, Will’s acting was so good that it wasn’t boring and it kept my attention.  NOTE:  Because I am a writer, I also look at movies and read books from the perspective and viewpoint of a writer — so I do tend to watch it as I think I would’ve written it, or how I think it should have or would have been written.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

The supporting cast members were good as well.  Rosario Dawson as Emily was simply charming.  She played her part so well that you really believed everything about her.  You felt what she felt.  She was very natural.  She was a good match for a love interest in this movie.  She made me accept seeing Will Smith in such a role with her.

Kudos and hats off to Woody Harrelson as Ezra.  I have to admit that I did NOT expect such a performance from Woody.  In fact, I did not even know that it was Woody until the end of the movie when I watched the credits!  I knew that it sounded like Woody, sort of looked like him (you’ll understand when you see the movie), but I am NOT used to Woody playing a serious dramatic character.  I thought that it must have been someone who looked like him.  Superb job Woody!

On a scale of 1 – 5, with 5 being the highest, Seven Pounds deserves a 5.

Great movie!

Carla Y. Nix




  2. I can’t wait to see it. Thanks for the review.

  3. I have to disagree with you on this one. I did enjoy the movie but I believe it lacked DEPTH into the other characters. I didn’t care so much about Will’s life as I did about the people’s lives he wanted to touch. The movie totally missed the boat on that one.

    I gave it a 2 out of 5 stars.

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