Carla Y. Nix

Walking In My Purpose


Posted by hashiki on December 18, 2008

This is a poem I wrote back in 1996. Yep, literally twelve years ago.  Seems like only yesterday.  I was inspired by a number of powerful and strong women to write it.  Today, I feel compelled to share it again, because my sisters are still soaring!  God has blessed me to remain in the presence of soaring sisters.  I dedicate this to all of you.

See My Sister Soar!

By Carla Young Nix

The evolution of my sister
is an invigorating sight
as she stretches,
reaches, grasps,
grows, blooms!


Look at her over there
standing on ground
that amazes even her self.
I smiled when I found evidence
of her inward development, shining.
I applauded
when I saw her stepping high,
moving forward with pride.


See my sister soar!
She has joy in her voice,
new peace in her heart,
I see the beauty of her soul.
My sister has courage in her eyes,
knowledge in her mind,
confidence in her walk.


Yes, my sister soars!
My sister is up there,
way up there,
soaring like an eagle.
Finally, she is where she belongs,
elevating to the highest heights
of her capacity.


Moving at her own pace
oh so carefully,
ever so gingerly,
at the rhythm that only she sets.
She is filling the voids
by knowing and loving herself,
and has even learned to like
who she is.


My sister has recognized
that everything’s okay.
She’s okay!
And she says that it’s alright to cry,
for she understands the tears,
and fears,
because she now understands
the woman
and the little girl


Oh yes, my sister is soaring!
She has risen to a level where she not only knows,
but acknowledges what she needs
as well as what she wants.
She has now extended to the God-given power,
that dwells within,
permission to rule throughout.


No longer is she powerless!
Her strength comes from above
by what was planted inside
and now


my sister soars!


I see it all.
I feel it all.
And I’m so happy
because I share it as well,
for when I see my sister soar,
I see me.


See my sister soar!

By Carla Young Nix
© 12/96






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  1. consciencedriven said

    Very nice Carla – very uplifting.

    Thanks from

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