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I Heard the Bells Today

Posted by hashiki on December 15, 2008

I am pretty sad right now.  Got news earlier that a former co-worker from New Orleans died today.

Michael Sears was one of the dearest, kindest, caring, most loving person you could ever know.  He was what we call “good people”.  He was a dedicated worker, highly intelligent, extremely competent, yet a very down-to-earth and fun-loving man.  He was a wonderful son to his mother, well-loved brother to his siblings, and the best boss to all of his employees.  Sadly, he lost his mother a few years ago, and also lost his sister earlier this year.  He is survived by two brothers.  He had no children, but would have probably been the best Dad in the world!

Mike, from my experience with him at work, always brought out the best of people.  He was quite supportive and he encouraged us all to always do our best.  I can personally say that he believed in me and always made me feel as though I could do anything!  He was great to talk to.  He communicated well.  And, I can say that he was easy to work with because he was the epitome of a team player!

I worked with Mike at the New Orleans Job Corps Center for numerous years.  He eventually remained with Job Corps, but transferred to other locations in Louisiana.  However, he always remained in contact. 

When I got the news today that he’d passed, I was in total shock and disbelief!  Prior to receiving the news, I’d heard those bells.  I know this may sound odd, and anyone reading will think I’m nuts, but there are times (very rare times) that I hear “bells” prior to learning that someone has died.  Again, the times are rare, but I have come to recognize these bells and it’s always accurate.  I never know who it is, but it is always when someone who is close to me, and/or very special.

Mike Sears, unfortunately, today was that special person. 

One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was to call my dear friend and also former co-worker Angeline, to give her the news.  Mike was her manager for years, but most importantly, he was a precious friend.  Actually, I’d say he was more like a brother to her.  It was so odd when I called her.  She immediately knew that Mike was gone. 

Please keep the Sears family in your prayers.  Also pray for the strength of my friend Angeline, and all of my former co-workers.  I got the news from my former boss.  Mike was well-loved and respected by many.  We are all so very sad about his passing.

I know that my life has been enriched by knowing Michael Sears, and I will never forget him!



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