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Posted by hashiki on December 11, 2008

This definitely is not my first time seeing snow, but it does always amaze me when I do.  We’re not accustomed to snowy weather here in the South.  Frankly, I only like the beauty of the snow, but not the reality of it.  As I am typing, at 8:36 am on Thursday, December 11, 2008, it is snowing pretty heavily.

It was raining very heavy when I walked Anaiah out to the bus stop at 6:30 this morning.  Felt a little ice in the mix.  Got drenched, even though I had an umbrella and jacket on.  Socks got soaked; and I don’t know how that happened.  So I came in, shivering (temps are very cold), got out of the wet clothes, turned up the heater, and slid back under the covers.  I’d already had the blinds opened, and less than an hour later, the snow began to fall. 

I know that Anaiah is excited.  She kept saying how badly she wanted it to snow.  She THINKS that she wants to play in it, and I’m glad that she’s at school.  I don’t think that they will send the kids out in the snow to play.  They better not!

I am supposed to be driving to pick up Tiffanie from college.  I’d made the decision late last night that I wouldn’t chance getting on the highway today.  It was iffy that we in Crystal Springs would see snow, but it was clear that it would be raining and freezing cold all day.  I’m afraid to drive in such conditions, particularly with the chance of ice on the road.  Early this morning, the news was forecasting that without a doubt there would be snow in Tiffanie’s area (Hattiesburg).  I would be driving right into the bad weather.

Looking at the snowfall now, I’m glad I made the decision not to go.  Unfortunately that means that she has to remain at school until Saturday.  I won’t be able to pick her up tomorrow due to everything that’s going on.  She doesn’t mind, though.  She LOVES her school and loves being there.

I’m happy that we made it safely through the stormy weather over the last couple of days.  We’ve lost some trees on our property.  The wind was so fierce that it just picked up the trees from their roots.  Yanked them out of the ground!  I am thankful that we did not have any damage to our home and the vehicles.

I’m typing while looking out of the window, so I may have many typos.  I’m just in awe at the beauty of the snow.  The landscape looks like a postcard.  A true picture.  A Christmas card.  Wish I had a digital camera!  I may make it out there later with my rickety old “normal” camera just for documentation sake.

I am so glad that I ran my errands on yesterday.  There is no way I would go out there today to drive anywhere!  No way!  Aww man, I hope it stops snowing in time for Jerry to drive to work. He’s not as scarey as I am though, so regardless, I’m sure he’ll be okay.

My hats off to those of you who live in snowy climates.  This is beautiful, but really, this one snowfall is enough for me!  I’m enjoying the beauty of it now.  Looking forward to the sunshine tomorrow!



One Response to “IT’S SNOWING!”

  1. menopausemama said

    I miss the wintry weather and snow that comes with it. Growing up in the midwest, I was always accustomed to it but in North Carolina we don’t get much. The firt fallen snow is always so picturesque. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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