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Posted by hashiki on December 1, 2008

Well, that’s what Tiffanie fussed at me about over the Thanksgiving holiday.  She said that it’s time for me to stop combing Anaiah’s hair like a “baby”.  Tiff says to stop putting her hair in ponytails. 

Anaiah has an extremely thick head of hair, and it’s pretty long.  With the nerve damage in my right arm/hand, it’s a lot more difficult for me to handle her hair as I used to.  We fight most every morning as I get her ready for school.  Tiffanie reminded me that when she was Anaiah’s age (11), she was learning to comb her own hair.  But, that was because Anaiah was just a newborn baby.  I agree, and remember, that Tiff had to learn to do a lot of things at that time. 

I just can’t see allowing Anaiah to comb her own hair.  Tiff argues with me that she is not a baby and I need to let her learn.  But, see, she is my baby……  She is THE baby.  My baby.

Ugh, Tiff only shakes her head at me. 

Anaiah had a hair appointment on Saturday.  I asked Vette (our hairdresser, and hubby’s cousin) to set Anaiah’s hair in a basic roller set.  I wanted it real curly.  Tiff still “fussed” at me.  She said something to me that I am just now hearing. Never knew this.  Tiff said that she didn’t want Anaiah to have to feel the embarassment that she “suffered” by having her hair combed like an “old lady”.  Okay, now we go from a baby to an old lady.  Tiff said that when I “did this to her”, the kids teased her because her hair wasn’t combed like theirs. Trendy, I guess.  Tiff said that she still remembers how that made her feel, and she didn’t want Anaiah to feel that way.

Why am I just now hearing this?!

Okay, so no ponytails, and no pretty curly locks!  What am I supposed to do?  I told Tiffanie that Anaiah is only 11, and I refuse to have her looking like she’s 15 or even grown!  That’s my struggle now anyway because Anaiah has grown so much.  She’s now taller than I am, and she’s long grown out of little girls clothes (and shoes).  The clothes are too “grown” in my opinion for a little girl.  So it’s a struggle finding “decent” and appropriate things for her. 

Well, Tiffanie helped me out some this weekend.  She flat-ironed Anaiah’s hair and we came to a compromise on how to comb it.  I can manage it, and it’s not the ponytails (I still love those three ponytails!).  Anaiah loves it.  It’s hanging.  It’s flowing.  It’s cute.




One Response to “NO MORE PONYTAILS!”

  1. daphne said

    Carla – been there, done that. Wait until she needs a dress for a special occasion, you will surely have a fit. LOL. Everything is either too low cut in the front, or it’s a mini dress! Do I even need to mention summer clothes, or bathing suit to SWIM in???

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