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Walking In My Purpose


Posted by hashiki on December 1, 2008

An interesting thing happened the other night/morning.  It wasn’t the first time its happened either.  I heard my name!  I heard somebody calling me.  CAR-LA! 

I thought it was my husband calling me, so I sort of sat up in the bed.  He was laying there beside me, sound asleep.  I looked at him.  Nope, Jerry was in a deep sleep.  He didn’t call me.  The door was closed and the only other people in the house were our daughters.  It wasn’t them because the voice was a deep voice.

I just sat there – looking – listening – to see if I would hear the voice again. 

The voice was clear and concise.  There was no doubt that my name was being called.  I am thinking that it should have been scarey, but it really wasn’t.  I eventually said, “Lord, here am I”. 

Although I heard nothing else, I had made up in my mind that I would open my heart to what I really felt was God calling me.  I just don’t know what He was calling me for, or to.  I heard nothing else.  As I mentioned, this is not the first time it has happened to me.  Maybe I’m just crazy, I don’t know.  Guess I should never mention this to a doctor, huh? Just think – telling them that you’re hearing your name being called must equate to hearing voices.  Oh well, if that makes me crazy, so be it.  I know what I heard, and I know that what I was hearing was divine.

I’m just waiting now for my orders.



One Response to “I HEARD MY NAME”

  1. daphne said

    Keep listening Carla! You’re not crazy at all 🙂

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