Carla Y. Nix

Walking In My Purpose


Posted by hashiki on November 5, 2008

Last month, I shared my strong and impassioned thoughts on the negative campaigning that erupted from the McCain / GOP camp.  My feelings remain the same this day, the day after a historical victory – the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States.

I cannot help but think of how the opposition tried their best to disect this man.  They (well, John McCain) would stop at nothing to do all he could to tear President Obama a part.  Then, Sarah Palin was thrown into the fray, ill-prepared to walk among giants, as she tried her hand at cutting into him.

It irritated me terribly each time a McCain campaign ad would run on television.  Every single ad was 100% about Barack Obama, how McCain so foolishly felt that he wasn’t ready.  I have never seen any ad that rolled out McCain’s strengths, or his plan to lead our country forward.  Nothing! Zilch! McCain appeared as a bitter old man who pulled at straws in his desparation to win the White House.

God don’t like ugly!

Meanwhile, President Obama stood strong, calm, cool, and collected.  Standing on his principles, his class, his grace, his intelligence, and above all, faith and confidence.  I am so proud of him and I look forward to the day that President Barack Obama and his family walk into the White House.  A most capable man, well deserving, and a true role model for all of us.

This victory is indeed historical, and I can’t say enough that it’s been a long time coming.  It has arrived!  And, this victory is for all of us.  Not just Black America, but every single citizen of this country.  This victory was for all of the little boys and girls who have now been given wings to dream and to soar.  It is high time that we have hatched from the egg, broken through the cocoon, and knocked down walls.

This victory has given me, and so many others, a new sense and jolt of energy, hope, and determination.  For myself, I realize that I am in the same place, yet I realize that I am now in a new world.

What a wonderful feeling!




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