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Posted by hashiki on November 5, 2008



Congratulations to our President Elect Barack Obama!

This indeed a very historical night, and I thank God for allowing me to live to see this day!  I am so excited about this victory.  It means so much to me, as well as to so many others.  It means the world to our nation. 

President Elect Obama won by a landslide tonight.  This is very telling.  America is FINALLY ready for change, and ready to open its self up to the potential that is present in all of us.

Tonight, America showed that ALL children, all people, can do and be whatever they want to do or be.  Some areas are not just reserved for White Americans.  Tonight, Barack Obama proved this.

I have been crying all night.  I’ve cried so hard, and uncontrollably.  I am so happy to see this.  It has really happened!  The reality hit me so hard and it was overwhelming.  I screamed, I shouted, and I cried deep from the heart in praise and gratitude to God.

Yes, it’s been a long time coming.  Now, the real work begins.  We have to stick together and work together to assure that we do right by all of those who fought long and hard to make this possible!

Yes, we can!




One Response to “IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME COMIN’”

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I wish to republish to append my experience at the victory celebration. Great work, you did.

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