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Posted by hashiki on October 6, 2008

The climate definitely is proving that all is not fair in politics.  That’s probably why I hate politics and don’t really concern myself with political matters.  Well, our Presidential election and this campaign does concern me, so I have an interest.

Of course I have my opinions on the candidates and I have made them known from time-to-time.  I have also made my choice as to who I am voting for.  So, if my choice of the Obama/Biden ticket draws a counter reaction in you, perhaps you don’t want to read any further.  Without apology, defense, or the need to seek approval, my choice is made and it is a firm decision.  This post is not about my choice (or even yours), but I will make my feelings clear on what is agitating me right now about the entire political climate and most specifically about the McCain/Palin (trying to keep from laughing) ticket.

My big concern is the question, What are we teaching our children?

Governor Sarah Palin said it herself during that travesty of a debate performance Thursday night.  She mentioned a third grade class of students who would be watching the circus – uh, I mean debate.  This entire process is an education for our children.  My question still, what are we teaching them?

Over the weekend and this morning, all of the news reports pointed to the fact that the fight is on.  Again, Palin said it – the heels are on and the gloves are off.  Meaning, this is war.  We’re going to fight.  We’re getting down nasty (nastier).  We will go (remain) negative.

This is what cowards and bullies do.  Cowards do so because they’re scared, and bullies really are cowards. 

First lesson we (they) taught our children.  The Presidential campaign with McCain and Obama showed an ornery, mean, bitter, cruel, childish, and disrespectful old man (McCain) who could not even face his opponent.  It’s a weak and pathetic person who cannot look you in the eye.  It was cruel, it was disrespectful, and quite transparent of his attitude.

So, he taught children to treat people as though they’re beneath you, to treat them as dirt, not to respect them, and most of all, not to have a spine and be a man by facing your opposition.  Such is life.  We all face adversity in life.  He taught that it is best to appear as a slimy worm.

But, I’m just sayin’.

This Republican team seem to be pros at sliding on the low road.  It’s actually quite embarassing for the human race.  They are experts in smears, jabs, sarcasm, and fighting dirty.  McCain has proven that he wants to keep the focus off of reality – the failing economy – as a result of his own political party.  Instead of saying how he is going to be a different President, he just says that he’s the maverick.  And then here comes that irritating Palin, with her voice that makes me feel as though I’m hearing someone scratching on a chalk board, reinforcing the foolishness that the both of them are mavericks.  But, she can’t say what the old maverick has done that proves this claim, nor what either of them will do in the future should America lose its mind and vote them into office. 

I guess she’s been too busy standing in her backyard peering at Russia!  But, I’m just sayin’.

They have taught our children that it’s okay to appear as a ditzy woman, refuse to answer direct questions, wink as though you’re crazy, and say that you are ready to act as President of the United States of America.

They have taught our children that when you’re in competition, instead of accentuating your positive assets, you should seek to destroy and tear down your opponent hoping that it would make you look better.  Whatever happened to winning on your own merits?

They have taught our children that they should throw dirt and rocks when you fear you’re losing and that you want something so desperately. 

The children are watching.  There is something called THE LAW OF THE PICTURE.  John Maxwell discusses this so well in THE 21 IRREFUTABLE LAWS OF LEADERSHIP.  Whether you want to believe it or not, leaders are best to lead by example.  They are to live what they teach.  Be what they encourage you to be.  They are to draw pictures with their lives and actions to lead effectively.  People learn best by what they see.

What do our children see?  They see a grown man who is old enough to know better painting a picture that cowardice is admirable.  They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Unfortunately, this is an ugly, distorted picture that our children are watching unfold as we are 29 days away from electing our next President.

I hope America doesn’t mess it up again!  We can’t afford it.  Most importantly, our children deserve better.

I’m just sayin’!



  1. But to assume that one party is more religiously correct than another and will run the country better than another is rather right too

  2. The political games being played are so disgusting I really don’t know where to start. Except to say that I hope and pray my kids never want to be/work with/work for politicians!

    The system is broken — and it appears there is no one with any clue how to fix it.


  3. Parenting said

    My friend says that her children often pick nicer newer toys to give to those less fortunate and she lets them because it teaches them to give. Parenting

  4. […] by hashiki on November 5, 2008 Last month, I shared my strong and impassioned thoughts on the negative campaigning that erupted from the McCain / GOP camp.  My feelings remain the same this day, the day after a historical victory – the election of Barack […]


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