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Posted by hashiki on October 3, 2008

There is a series of GLADE commercials that literally burn me up!  They feature this character who is simply a liar.  Pure and simple.  A straight up liar.  I understand that it’s only television and it’s only a commercial, but it concerns me because of the power of this platform.  I am concerned about the children in particular who may watch the commercial.

The lady in the commercial tries to pretend that she is more, or better, or different, than what she really is.  It’s foolish.  She tries to impress her friends and even her family by lying about the products that she uses.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I understand the point that GLADE is trying to get across, which is that their product is just as good as the most expensive ones yet affordable for every day folks.  Yet, you see, that is my problem with the commerical.  What’s wrong with every day folks?  The woman in the commercial obviously has a problem with the fact that she is an every day person.  She pretends that she’s using designer and expensive candles, etc., in an attempt to impress others.  She even lies to her family.

Why is she lying?  Why are you lying?  Why do we lie about ourselves and try to pretend to be someone we’re not?

Why can’t we accept who we are?

The lady in these GLADE commercials quickly, readily, easily, and naturally lies.  THAT should not be a message relayed to anyone, especially our children.  These commercials teaches that you should lie to everyone just to make yourself look better.

Shame on you GLADE!

But, most importantly, we as parents and as decent human beings, ought to be teaching our children and everyone that it’s okay to simply be who you are.  Be proud of who you are.  Be proud of what you have.  Be thankful for what you have.  Be thankful for who you are.  Love who you are.  Appreciate your blessings.

Stop lying to others, and by all means, stop lying to yourself.




3 Responses to “WHY ARE YOU LYING?”

  1. 52signals said

    I saw that commercial today and every time I’ve seen it, the only thing I could think of is how they glorify lies so often to sell products. I don’t even buy Glade products anymore–unconcious decision.

  2. Wowzers! Point well taken and most certainly relevant in this day and age. If more people could understand that if it isn’t totally true it is a lie… maybe less people would feel the need to “front”. Maybe if we start listening to what God says that we are we will feel worth and thus eliminate the need to inflate our egos. You spoke to me… write on! -peace

  3. Sparkule said

    Hello, Ms.Nix I was browsing through your site. I am very happy for you and your inner circle. It’s so odd but I look at you and in some way I see a lil pinch of myself. Not because were black haha. Anyways one day I hope to be able to reach others and be inspirational as your site but in my own special way. Much Peace and Love, Sparkule

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