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Walking In My Purpose

It’s Not Over!

Posted by hashiki on September 25, 2008

Well, my last posting was full of ranting and raging.  So sorry about that.  But, it was real, it was honest, it was my feelings.  I went through a wide range of emotions and at one point, I actually frightened myself.  Sunk to a very deep and dark place and I knew that I could not remain there.

I guess I began to feel better that evening as I drove to Anaiah’s school for Family Night.  I didn’t feel like going, but I pulled myself together enough to go for her.  While driving, a song came on the radio that seemed to be speaking to me.  The woman sang, “It’s not over, until God says it’s over.”  That just made me reflect and realize that I could remove the words “hopeless”, “worthless”, and “defeated” from my mind and vocabulary.

I felt better as the evening went on, although I had a throbbing headache. 

Felt even better today, particularly as I prepared to record my daily inspirational podcast.  One part of me wondered how would I be able to inspire anyone when I’d felt so low.  But, as always, God gave me a word from His Word, and other thoughts and words to share.  I trust that the message was a blessing.  I hope you listen to it and appreciate the message that was given.  Click here for podcast.

I’m excited that I go back to school on Thursday.  Back to seminary classes for the Fall term.  Can’t believe this is my second year.  School is tough, but I love it because I love to learn.

Nope, it’s not over!




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