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Went to the doctor, again, today!

Posted by hashiki on September 12, 2008

There always seem to be drama with me.  It’s not that bad this time, but I begged my eye doctor’s office to squeeze me in this morning.  For an entire week, I’ve been having problems with my right eye.  It’s very red and painful.  At first I thought that my eye was just sore, tired, or some type of infection, but couldn’t figure out why.  A few days ago, I began to develop excruciating pain in my eye and my head. Not my entire head. Just over that eye, and surrounding the eye, sort of like a sideways “U” formation.  The pain was getting worse and virtually unbearable.  Couldn’t imagine suffering with it all weekend, so I asked to be seen by the doctor today.  They had me to come in this morning.



I love this eye doctor. He is so good and extremely thorough and he explains very well what’s going on.  I first went to him back in June as a referral from my Internist for a routine Diabetic exam.  All was well.  No problems.
I was so afraid this time. Of course all kinds of thoughts went through my head.  Had a blood vessel busted?  Was this glucoma or cataracts, or whatever it is that Diabetics get?  Was this a tumor?  All kinds of scarey thoughts.
I never expected to hear what he diagnosed!
As he examined me, he asked if I had arthritis, and if anyone in my family has it, especially rheumatoid arthritis.  Well, I said that I was diagnosed with arthritis in my neck and I know that my brother has arthritis in his knees.  Not sure about any other cases and/or anyone with rheumatoid arthritis.
Well, he said that this was consistent with what was wrong with my eye.  The condition is called “Episcleritis“.  It’s an inflammation.  He says it occurs because of arthritis (not in everyone, but it does happen).  He says that they still don’t know WHY it happens, but it shows up in the eye.  He can’t predict if it’ll happen again, but it might.  If it does he said that he will run more test on me to see if there are some underlying issues and/or more arthritis that I may not be aware of.
He gave me some eye drops that I have to apply over the next week.  Also, some pain pills.  I took some earlier and of course it made me groggy, dizzy and sleepy, but it did help the pain.  That was around 1pm.  The pain is coming back and I am going to put more drops in and take more pills.  Hopefully I’ll just sleep well all night!
I would have never thought that my eye could be affected because of arthiritis!  Wow!

2 Responses to “Went to the doctor, again, today!”

  1. Dera said

    What an ordeal. I sure hope you start to feeling better.

  2. hashiki said

    Thank you Dera!


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