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Posted by hashiki on September 11, 2008

I am a pretty patient person.  Normally I am not only patient, but tolerant.  But not when it comes to Elisabeth Hasselbeck of ABC’s THE VIEW!

I’m not one who takes pleasure in ripping someone up or tearing them down.  I really don’t want to do that with Elisabeth, but I realize that what I am going to say may be viewed and seen that way.

She is one of THE most negative and ornery people I’ve ever known.  Wow, talk about bitter, negative, and BLIND!  I’m referring to her narrow-mindedness when it comes to her love and devotion of the Republican party.  It really is not so much that she loves her political affiliation, and it definitely is not that I personally disagree with almost everything she says and stands for as a result of politics.  It is, however, the fact that she cannot SEE or HEAR anything that anyone else has to say.  She is so out of control that she has no sense of reasoning.  If I were on THE VIEW, I wouldn’t even talk to her about anything that has to do with politics.  There is definitely no reasoning with her.  I wouldn’t be interested in changing her view to mine, but I would at least like the dignity and courtesy from her to at least listen.  She doesn’t do that and she becomes upset when she’s called out on it.

She will disagree with absolutey anything that someone says positive about the Democrats.  Also, when something negative is brought out about the Republicans, she refuses to see it.  If someone said that Palin was a brunette (which is true), she would vehemently argue and say that she’s blonde!  There’s no truth in that, but it would be the fact that she just has to argue and disagree.

Elisabeth seems to be getting worse and worse by the day. I understand that she has a right to her view and opinion, but so does the other ladies!

Perhaps Rosie wasn’t wrong after all to blow up and tell Elisabeth off!  I am sure that she just couldn’t take anymore of this woman’s negativity.  I know that I can’t.  It’s time for Elisabeth to go!  She messes up the show!


2 Responses to “I AM SO SICK OF HER VIEW!”

  1. I’ve been getting to watch but when I switched two or so days ago, it was on ads and I forgot to go back.

    Are the View programs available on YouTube for those who missed them?

  2. Marie said

    I totally agree with you, Elisabeth, she does not listen, and she has one of the most annoying voices in TV land. One can’t help but wonder — when will this woman grow up? I noticed Barbara and Whoopi are trying to quiet her down — if that’s possible.

    Be quiet for a couple of minutes, Elisabeth — you might learn something!

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