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Walking In My Purpose


Posted by hashiki on September 9, 2008

Just a quick thought. As I was writing earlier, I just glanced over at my bookshelf. I’m sure you know that I have a lot of books! But one seemed to stick out.  It is “Personal Coaching For Results” by Lou Tice.  Excellent book.

I was reminded how I came upon the book, and how I’m somewhat familiar with Lou Tice.  The book came as part of a coaching and training program for employers that I attended.  Actually twice.  Lou’s organization brought the training to my previous employer (I was one of a select few chosen to attend the training – goal was to have us to train the other staff).  I also attended the training with my last employer after my relocation due to Katrina.

In between that, I was also selected to attend a coaching training that was provided by the corporate office. I was on the committee to be a trainer of the program that they developed.

All of these programs were designed to assist a positive change in the workplace, for both staff and students.  However, in order to affect the students, staff first needed to embrace the program.

At both places of employment, the staff was highly enthusiastic and ready to adhere to the new programs.  These programs entailed making adjustments and changes in our own lives in order to bring about change within the culture of the workplace.

There was friction and resistance to change overall.  That’s simply because the biggest change had to come from the top – first!  It was difficult for staff to operate under these new programs when the same ole same ole was going on otherwise.

Yet, these organizations wanted change, but weren’t willing to change.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Some of us are the same way in our own personal lives.  We want change, but are we always willing to change?  Sometimes the change is as simple as changing the vernacular.  Our language must change.  Words must change. Thoughts must change.  All ultimately lead to changed actions.

People don’t like change.  I see this even in the church.  People panic and reject anything that might look different.  Anything that indicates change.  Yet we forget that even repentance means a change of mind.

Now, I don’t advocate change just for the sake of change.  But when our life shows us that change is necessary for the better, I wonder why do we buck against it?

I’m reminded of a man named Saul. He fought hard to keep things as they were.  He refused to accept that not only a Savior had come on the scene, but someone who was a liberator of the oppressed and lost. (Acts 22:1-21)  When He came in contact with the Savior – our agent of change – Saul’s life was changed so much that God gave him a new name (Paul) to reflect that change.  It was not until this conversion that God could fully use Paul to make an impact and change in the lives of others.

Don’t be afraid.  Remember, if you want change in your life, then YOU must be willing to change yourself!




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