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What God Has For Me

Posted by hashiki on August 21, 2008

I had a very interesting day.  I attended the advisory council board meeting I was invited to.  It was a good meeting.  However, it ended up being more than a meeting.  I guess you can call it an interview.

I didn’t go there looking for a job, nor did I plan on visiting HR and filling out an application. 

Not saying that I have a job now, but I was treated very well.  I know the Director of the organization from when I worked in New Orleans.  I worked there for more than 18 years at my company prior to Katrina.  So, I’ve met a lot of people and worked even closer with many.  The organization is a national one.  The Director here in Mississippi know of me because I was the Admin Asst for the Director in New Orleans.  Yet, I did so much more than my title.

When the Director saw me today, she hugged me and was thrilled that I was there (in the past, she’d benefited from some of my work because of the close connection with my boss).  She introduced me to others and I could not believe how highly she spoke of me.  Well, all she said was the truth, but just hearing someone else speak of you in such a positive way is incredible. 

She said that there are openings and some positions that she wanted me to apply for.  She recalled all of the work I did in New Orleans and said that she wanted me to come aboard here.  

I took some time to think and to pray, seeking God.  See, I personally do not want to go back into the work grind that I was in before.  I’d outgrown my position, and wanted to do other work within the organization.  Well, that is what she was offering me.

I went to the HR department and filled out the application with the mindset that if God was opening this door for me (financially and professionally), then He would provide the job for me.  If this is not what He has for me, then so be it, I would still be fine and at peace.  I am completely open to what He wants and has for me.

“Employment” might not be my call there.  I may be called back to do some motivational and empowerment speaking.  I would be honored to do so.

Whatever.  I have never been so at peace about something like this before.  All I know is that I am in God’s hand.  Who knows what He has for me, but whatever it is, if it’s for me then it shall be.  If not, then I know that I am still on the course that He’s designed for me.





2 Responses to “What God Has For Me”

  1. Carla, I am always intrigued by your blog posts. You’re a great writer.

  2. hashiki said

    Thank you Christine. I am honored and humbled! All praise and glory to God, because it is all Him!


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