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Life Changing

Posted by hashiki on August 21, 2008

What I’ve noticed about myself, as well as other New Orleanians, since Katrina, is the fact that almost everything centers around (still) August 29, 2005.  So often, that date is the catalyst or measuring stick for anything that means anything to me.

Hurricane Katrina was definitely life changing. 

I find myself referring to “before Katrina”, “since Katrina”, “after Katrina”, etc.  And it sometimes meshes together.  There are some memories I have that become confusing.  I have to really think to determine if it is something that took place before or after Katrina.  And then, there are some things about my life before Katrina that I simply don’t remember anymore.  There are some things about New Orleans that I’ve forgotten, and then I get mad when I realize that I’ve forgotten.  There are things that my children have forgotten.  I get a little upset (quietly) when they forget, especially Anaiah.  She’s the youngest (now 10), but I want her to know and to remember that we once had a life in New Orleans.  New Orleans was and will always be “home” as far as I’m concerned, and I don’t want her to lose sight of that heritage.

It’s so confusing because we have moved on, as we should have.  It should not bother me that there are some memories and times that I want to cling to.

Nonetheless, I am happy about the fact that we have moved on.  The devastation and the losses were overwhelming.  We suffered so much.  We hurt so much.  And we are still trying to find our way.  But, I’m excited about our future.  I am thankful and I sit in amazement as I see how far God has brought us and how much He has blessed us. 

I just wonder when, or if, I’ll ever be able to exist and operate without measuring everything by Katrina.



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