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The women behind the scandals

Posted by hashiki on August 19, 2008


I know that this is old news, but a couple of weeks ago, it was officially reported that Senator John Edwards FINALLY admitted to an illicit affair in 2006.  An affair in which he carried on with someone not only while married, but while his wife battles cancer. 

I was sickened by his indiscretion, but sadly not really shocked.  That’s scary!

Look at the recent chaos in Detroit due to their mayor’s shenanigans with his staff member.  Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick really disappointed me because I saw potential in him and as a young African American in his position, I felt he would be an excellent role model for our young men.  Now, I only see disgrace!

I can give a lithany of names of high profile men who have been reported of cheating on their wives.  Engaging in the ultimate form of betrayal against their families.  Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Kobe Bryant, John McCain, and the list goes on and on.

This certainly is nothing new.  John Edwards simply fit in with the other animals.

Yes, I said animals!

Definitely, it’s not only the high profile men who fit into this category.  It’s the everyday guys who also are cardholding members of this club.

Yet, my disgust doesn’t rest solely with them.  As a woman, as a married woman, I can’t help but wonder about the women behind the scandals.  Exactly what kind of woman knowingly and purposely engage in such an affair?  Why?  What do these women expect?  In most cases, their partners in crime have remained with their wives.  What were they seeking out of the relationship?  How could they not only disrobe in the physical sense, but also in morals and dignity?

Yes, it is the man in these cases who is cheating on his wife.  He’s dead wrong.  I just wonder why the woman would want to be a part of his sin.  If he is unfaithful and is lying to his wife, how does the other women feel that he is a person to be laid up with?  Oh, yeah, I know….she feels that she’s different and she is what he needs and wants.  My bad!

In no way do I uphold cheating husbands.  However, I am equally, if not more, upset with the women they cheat with.  Simply because I am a woman and I believe in sisterhood and supporting and empowering women.  In no way would I have a hand in destroying another woman.  Oh sure, such women say that their cheating man is not forced to cheat w/them or that his marriage is already dead.  Sure, go on and continue to fool yourself, but you don’t have to play a part in his deception.  You ought to have more pride in yourself and not allow him to disrespect YOU in that way.  You have control over your life and your actions.  Oh, but I forgot…he loves you.  Again, my bad.  I’m just wondering if you’ve really fooled yourself to think that he even knows what love is.  His wife once thought that he loved her too.

Again, I ask, what kind of a woman allows herself to be a part of such mess?

Afterall, I’m just sayin’….



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