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His Wonders Never Cease

Posted by hashiki on August 19, 2008

After writing last night’s blog about God always answering although the answer may not be what we expected, He did it again.  He showed me how yet again, I am am on the path that He has carved for me.

Out of the blue, and quite unexpectedly, I received a call from someone who invited me to serve on a community relations council advisory board.  This board serves an excellent organization in which I am very familiar with.  I’ve actually wanted to serve on this board for quite some time because I know of the work they do and the importance of their existence.  They are all about serving at-risk teens and young adults.

Of course serving on this council is not a paid position.  Yet, the returns are excellent because of the blessings that are provided for those they serve.

I do know that I was recommended by someone, but why the call came last night, I don’t know.   Someone I haven’t seen or even communicated with since Hurricane Katrina.  Yet, I really do know.  It’s God’s timing and it was once again the Lord showing me that He’s got this!  I am so thrilled about this.  Oooh, it’s such a good feeling.

I am looking forward to the meeting on Thursday.  I am one eager beaver!

All glory and honor to God!



One Response to “His Wonders Never Cease”

  1. Carla,

    Sometimes the Lord will allow us to be out of our confort zone, where all we have is faith. I mean, in a situation where you know you have no power or control over the outcome, and you ask the Lord to be your guide, to walk with you and to show up.

    God is so faithful. He has His watchful eye on us, and as scripture tells us, we are never alone.

    Once He’s reminded us that “God’s Got This” our faith increases, and we are grateful to experience His awesome power at work in our lives.

    I know THIS…because I KNOW this….Daphne

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