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Life Interrupted

Posted by hashiki on August 31, 2008

Hurricane Katrina was a huge interruption in my life, and the lives of thousands.  Three years later, I realize that we are faced with yet another interruption.  Hurricane Gustav. 

Although I no longer live in New Orleans (thanks to Katrina), my heart is still there because New Orleans is home.  I also have family members and friends who returned to New Orleans after Katrina.  I am happy that they are evacuating, but my heart aches with theirs as they have all said again, “Here we go again!”  Some have even questioned their ability to be able to endure and to go through this life interruption yet again.

I am approximately 160 miles away from New Orleans, yet I am as anxious as anyone who still live there.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Home From the Hospital – and Hurricane Gustav

Posted by hashiki on August 30, 2008

Just following up and letting you know.  I’m home from the hospital.  The doctor sent me from his office straight to the ER on Tuesday to be admitted.

Got home last night.
It’s so good to be back home.
Good news is that I will be okay.  They ran tests on my heart to see why the pain, racing, and palpitations.  There is no heart damage nor blockage, at least according to the stress test.  The EKG, however, does show irregularity in my heart beats.  Skipping beats.  The cardiologist says that’s possibly why I’m feeling the palpitations. 
During the stress test (I didn’t do very well), the only real concern was that my blood pressure soared so high. 
Overall, they raised the dosage of my bp medication.  My symptoms are more “environmental”, they told me.  I need to take better care of myself, of course, but most of all, I’m told to de-stress!  I’m stressed out and it’s manifesting physically (the pain is my chest, radiates to my shoulder, upper back, neck, and sometimes my arm).  The racing heart, again, stress.
I didn’t realize that I was holding so much in and on me.  I honestly try not to.
I’m home now, thank God, yet I’m still trying to relax.  I’m concerned now about my family and good friend in New Orleans, also my brother Michael in Biloxi.  I woke up to the news that Hurricane Gustav was at a Category 3, and it hadn’t even made it in the Gulf waters yet.  Just got a news alert here as I type that Gustav is now at Category 4.  I’ve been talking to my family and everyone, accept Michael, is packing and leaving.  We all sort of sighed and cried in a sense, and all said, “here we go again!”.  You know that Hurricane Katrina’s 3rd year anniversary was yesterday.  It’s amazing how much pressure and anxiety I felt as we approached yesterday.  Didn’t have much time to think about it yesterday, as I was simply concerned about my family getting out.  My house is opened for them to come here, and I let them know that.  I don’t know who will come, but I’m glad that I’m here so that they have somewhere to go and they don’t have to spend money on hotels and fast food.  Jerry went to get my medicine this morning and he had to get on the interstate to get there.  Wow!  Folks are already evacuating and the traffic was congested.  At the drug store, he also ran into someone from New Orleans he knew – hadn’t seen them since before Katrina.  That person had evacuated after Katrina and he and his family finally moved back last year.  I spoke to my friend on the phone this morning, she just returned back home a few months ago (rebuilt her house).  She was quite panicky and upset as we spoke.  Just plain scared!  They’re pulling out in the morning, but I really think that they need to do so before that because we well remember how difficult it was as we drove out for Katrina.
Michael in Biloxi is being very calm and too nonchalant, in my opinion.  He really doesn’t want to leave.  My concern is that Biloxi IS right on the Gulf of Mexico where Gustav is headed.  Even if their city don’t get a hit, they will still be affected with heavy winds and rain.
Please keep my family and friends in prayer.
Okay……I’m going to take deep breaths and try to release all of this.  We are preparing here for my family to come if they choose to. 
By the way, since Thursday, the gas stations here have been running out of gas.  Folks are gearing up because we remember how it was with Katrina.  No gas!!!!  And then, when it became available, of course the prices were high, but everyone was trying to get it and you had to wait in line for hours!  So, they’re filling up now.  And people are stocking up with gas to run their generators if needed.  We lost power here for an entire week during Katrina.
Whew…….anyway…….here we go again!

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Check up

Posted by hashiki on August 26, 2008

I have a doctor’s appointment later today.  Should be a routine check up, but I’m a little concerned.  I haven’t been feeling well for the last couple of weeks.  I’ve been pretty weak, tired, sleepy, and my heart has been racing and I’m feeling palpitations.

Could just be stress.  Regardless, I don’t like feeling this way.

I’ll discuss it with my doctor.


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Three Years Ago…

Posted by hashiki on August 22, 2008

I’ll probably be reminiscing all week.  It’s not like I want to, but I can’t help it.  I do this with most significant events in my life.  Just ask my children!  When their birthdays arrive, I begin to recall what I was doing or what was happening prior to, during, and after their births.

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What God Has For Me

Posted by hashiki on August 21, 2008

I had a very interesting day.  I attended the advisory council board meeting I was invited to.  It was a good meeting.  However, it ended up being more than a meeting.  I guess you can call it an interview.

I didn’t go there looking for a job, nor did I plan on visiting HR and filling out an application. 

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Life Changing

Posted by hashiki on August 21, 2008

What I’ve noticed about myself, as well as other New Orleanians, since Katrina, is the fact that almost everything centers around (still) August 29, 2005.  So often, that date is the catalyst or measuring stick for anything that means anything to me.

Hurricane Katrina was definitely life changing. 

I find myself referring to “before Katrina”, “since Katrina”, “after Katrina”, etc.  And it sometimes meshes Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s Almost That Time

Posted by hashiki on August 20, 2008

This is the 3rd year that I have told myself that I could just sail through this period of time.  I am speaking of the approaching anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  Can’t believe it’s been three years!

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Posted by hashiki on August 20, 2008

God is wonderful in providing a “ram in the bush”.  My scheduled guest was a no-show for tonight’s radio show.  However, God sent a good pastor friend of mine who provided wonderful support and resources for tonight’s broadcast. 

Kudos and much gratitude to John Gilmore for his participation in the show.

Listen to my radio show, Passion4Life, by clicking here.



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His Wonders Never Cease

Posted by hashiki on August 19, 2008

After writing last night’s blog about God always answering although the answer may not be what we expected, He did it again.  He showed me how yet again, I am am on the path that He has carved for me.

Out of the blue, and quite unexpectedly, Read the rest of this entry »

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The women behind the scandals

Posted by hashiki on August 19, 2008


I know that this is old news, but a couple of weeks ago, it was officially reported that Senator John Edwards FINALLY admitted to an illicit affair in 2006.  An affair in which he carried on with someone not only while married, but while his wife battles cancer. 

I was sickened by his indiscretion, but sadly not really shocked.  That’s scary!

Look at the recent chaos in Detroit due to their mayor’s shenanigans with his staff member.  Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick really disappointed me because I saw potential in him and as a young African American in his position, I felt he would be an excellent role model for our young men.  Now, I only see disgrace!

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